Andrei Kulebin: Part of the WMC Family

April 3rd, 2020

Andrei Kulebin is certainly a man who needs no introduction in the world of muaythai and has been a family member of both the WMC and IFMA for the last 20 years. Known as the 'Bullet' Kulebin comes from the famous 'Kick Fighter Gym' in Belarus where he has trained under the watchful eye of trainer Evgeni Dobrotvorski since he was 8 years old alongside stable mates Andrei Kotsur and Dmitry ...

The IFMA and UTS Social & Active Challenge

April 2nd, 2020

The IFMA and UTS Family send our thoughts and prayers to everyone so deeply affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The implications of Covid-19 have led to changes in every aspect of our lives from our day to day social interactions, job security, to the health and safety of our loved ones and even our exercise schedules, all of which was unimaginable just a few months ago.  In these trying times of uncertainty, the slower pace of life allows ...

Caley Reece: The First ever Female WMC champion in 2 Divisions

March 31st, 2020

Caley Reece is one of Australia's most decorated athletes and one of the WMC's most successful fighters picking up many titles and having defeated many notable opponents including Chommanee Sor Taehiran, Tiffany Van Soest and Jessica Gladstone to name a few. Caley's WMC journey began at 25 years old following a lengthy winning streak where she went on to win the WMC Western Australia State and Australian National Featherweight titles. After conquering Australia ...

ONE Championship Brings HOPE to the Sporting World

March 27th, 2020

ONE Championship are providing HOPE to many in the sporting world by holding a live closed door event without spectators shedding light on these dark times. The event entitled HOPE will be held in Singapore on the Friday the 17th April beginning at 20.30 and telecast live across many platforms. The show will provide HOPE to the many house-bound fans who are currently stuck indoors due to the Covid 19 pandemic uplifting spirits ...

Muaythai Mourns the Loss of Branko Cikatic

March 24th, 2020

Branko needs no introduction in the world of sport. Having been the first K1 World Grand Prix champion, Branko was also a multiple world champion and dedicated the latter part of his life to the development of the nest generation, and served for numerous years as the President of the Croatian Muaythai Federation an on the IFMA board. Over the last years like a true warrior, Branko has battled his illness ...

HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein Receives Muaythai Honorary Membership

March 23rd, 2020

A unique and highly decorated presentation was made to His Royal Highness Prince Feisal Al Hussein, the President of the Olympic Committee of Jordan, IOC Executive Board Member and the Founder and Chairman of prestigious NGO Generations For Peace. HRH is the leading figure in the international sports movement and a visionary who promotes the role of sport and society far beyond the Olympic Games. He is a leading advocate ...

Valentina Shevchenko: Muaythai Legend

March 20th, 2020

Nowadays the name Valentina Shevchenko is a household name in the combat sports world after her explosion in the UFC. What many of her MMA fans might not know is that Valentina has long been a heroine in the muaythai world as both a WMC world champion and multiple time IFMA gold medalist. Training under the tutelage of coach Pavel Fedotov, Valentina has earned 8 Gold medals at the IFMA world ...

The WMC celebrates Nai Khanom Tom Day

March 17th, 2020

The 17th March is a popular date for muaythai enthusiasts around the world as the community celebrates Nai Khanom Tom Day. During this day muaythai guys honour the legendary fighter who won his freedom by fighting the best fighters from Burma where he was imprisoned. National Federations around the world organise different events celebrating Nai Khanom Tom day honouring the legendary muaythai fighter. Everyone at the WMC will be paying homage ...

The Return of the Gunslinger

March 13th, 2020

Just a few months ago the whole muaythai circuit was saddened to hear the news that John Wayne Parr the living legend would hang up his gloves. Parr, a two time WMC world champion and Contender finalist decided to throw in the towel after over 20 years of ring service with his final fight been a high-profile boxing fight. During a recent trip to Singapore Parr cornered Rocky Ogden the boyfriend ...

Jake Purdy Bags the European Title

March 9th, 2020

Jake Purdy is travelling back to the UK from France and may need to pay for extra baggage due to the weighty WMC European title he is taking back with him. The talented UK athlete headed to Nice, France over the weekend to face Timothee Vandenouc for the middleweight title, emerging victorious. Jake fights out of Free Style Combat in Exeter under the tutelage of trainer Sonny Perez and ...

Warriors Way 25

March 5th, 2020

Saturday April the 4th will see the return of Warriors Way at the Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel in Melbourne. Sanctioned by the WMC the show will celebrate it's 25th event to date and what a spectacular line up they have provided for fans. The main event of the evening will feature a superfight between Ramesh 'the Headhunter' Habib and Jedstar Revolution. Also on the card will see Local hero Charlie ...

Patricia Axling – 5 Times Swedish Champion

March 4th, 2020

2020 started very positive for the Swedish superstar Patricia Axling as she won the fifth gold medal of the Swedish Muaythai Championships. Three competition days telecast live on IFMA gave the world the national representation of the Swedish team for IFMA events and Patricia was the one polishing her national award at the awarding ceremony. The Swedish female muaythai representation is again going to challenge the world and the biggest names of ...

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