Philippines MAP out Women’s Month

March 3rd, 2021

The Philippine Muaythai organisation once again in cooperation with the National Olympic Committee and the government are working together to promote women's month. Over the next 30 days the most outstanding athletes, coaches and officials will put their voice forward to raise continued awareness of the importance of gender equality. They will highlight their journey, present initiatives and best practices not just on the field of play but as much on the field of life. We congratulate once again ...

#MuaythaiConnects Goes 2.0

March 3rd, 2021

IFMA has been praised by the world’s sporting community because it has turned crisis into opportunity during these times of the pandemic where many athletes have been deprived of being part of their normal training routines, competitions, socializing with friends and staying fit and healthy. The #MuaythaiConnects campaign was been established to promote physical and healthy activities, social engagement and continue to promote Muaythai without borders, discrimination and for all abilities. ...

Yodsanklai Hangs up the Gloves

March 2nd, 2021

Some big news in the muaythai world yesterday as Yodsanklai took to Instagram to announce his retirement from muaythai much to the dismay of his many fans across the world. Known as having the strongest kick in muaythai, Yodsanklai shot to international fame when he appeared on The Contender Asia, the award winning reality TV show sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council in which he for 15 weeks showed as much ...

Channel 7 Awards

March 1st, 2021

Channel 7 is one of the founding members of the World Muaythai Council and the 2 parties have long since shared a great relationship and mutual respect for one another. The late WMC Director and Director of Channel 7 Sahasompop Srisomwong played an instrumental part in national and international development and is honoured by the IFMA and WMC family. This weekend the important Channel 7 ceremony was held to honour the athletes for the year ...

Congratulations Sami Kiblawi

March 1st, 2021

Sami Kiblawi needs no introduction in the world of muaythai as the President of the Lebanese Muaythai Federation, Asian Vice President, IFMA Executive Board member and one of the driving forces in the muaythai family. With recognition of muaythai within the Olympic movement, many Olympic Committees now have IFMA Executives in their own Executive Committee. This weekend was the election for the Executive of the Olympic Committee of Lebanon and Mr Kiblawi received ...

Damien Alamos: Muaythai Icon

February 25th, 2021

When the conversation arises as to who is the best muaythai fighter outside of Thailand you can not have this discussion without bringing up French muaythai icon, Damien Alamos. Damien has spent the majority of his career training and fighting in Thailand mostly out of the renowned Singpatong Sitnumnoi in Phuket amassing an impressive 75 fights with 61 wins. Damien began training in muaythai at only 8 years old, the common ...

Cultural and Heritage Commission Congratulates IFMA

February 23rd, 2021

The IFMA Cultural and Heritage commission which plays an important part in IFMA for protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of Muaythai this week sent their message of congratulations to the IFMA office. The chair of the IFMA Cultural Commission, Ajarn Chao personally congratulated the IFMA family on their outstanding work especially during the pandemic for promoting the Wai Khru and Mae Mai disciplines of the sport, which showcase the traditional ...

Domination Australia: A Massive Success

February 23rd, 2021

Saturday the 20th of February was an exciting day for Australian Muaythai as it saw the return of Domination's latest event entitled 'The Rising'. Muaythai Australia which is fully recognised by Sports Australia and the world governing body IFMA which has merged with the WMC, sanctioned the show with 2 state title fights on the line and 15 bouts in total. If you have former-athletes like Darren Curovic and Blair Smith promoting who understand the ...

Mauritius Muaythai Khan Grading

February 22nd, 2021

Mauritius Muaythai which is fully recognised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Mauritius and the highest sporting community is continuing to promote muaythai both as a cultural art form and combat sport. President Sham Seetaram stated that the national federation wants to ensure that muaythai is much more than a ring sport, it is a way of life and the protection of the cultural rules, Wai Khru and Mae Muaythai is key. The grading was put together by ...

And then there was 148…

February 19th, 2021

IFMA now has 148 national federation members recognised by their highest sporting authority and or National Olympic Committee. Sri Lanka is one of the federations that just got fully recognised by their National Olympic Committee and this is very much due to the successes of the federation under President Asoka Jayarathna. Sri Lankan Muaythai has done outstanding youth development work and was one of the most successful countries at the IFMA Virtual World Championships, also representing Sri Lanka in the United Through ...

IFMA Honours Pioneer of Muaythai in Iran

February 18th, 2021

Master Mohammadagha Towhidi needs no introduction in the world of muaythai as he is one of the pioneers of the sport promoting and representing muaythai in the Islamic Republic of Iran and around the world. He has competed globally and also in the major stadiums in Thailand and after his retirement dedicated his life to the development of the art and sport in Iran, coaching Iranian athletes who represented the Islamic Republic of Iran in major ...

TAFISA Celebrates 30 Years

February 16th, 2021

2021 marks a landmark year for TAFISA as it celebrates its 30th Anniversary! In 1969, the inaugural “Trim and Fitness” conference was held in Oslo, Norway, with representatives from eight European countries. These conferences, which went on to be organised every two years and developed into an unofficial steering platform for the Global Sport for All Movement, constituted the foundation of TAFISA.In 1991, representatives from 40 countries officially founded TAFISA ...

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