World Muaythai Council The Official World Governing Body for Professional Muaythai Wed, 17 Dec 2014 09:59:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Muaythai Angels 2014 Wed, 17 Dec 2014 09:59:36 +0000 Muaythai Angels season 1 was a huge success and a second season is already on its way!

A special thank you goes to Khun Jaru, the CEO World Muaythai Angels and his team for their vision, helping to promote female muaythai around the globe. We would also like to thank all the participating girls who has helped made this show such a success.

Season 2 is currently in the making with events planned all around the world. Here are some pictures of the latest Muaythai Angels show organised in Bangkok, Thailand.

These ladies might be looking gorgeous on the outside but they are as tough as steel on the inside!


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TOPKING World Series Hong Kong Fight Card Announced Mon, 15 Dec 2014 07:14:32 +0000 The match-ups for the Top King World Series Final 8, which will take place in Hong Kong on December 20th at the AsiaWorld-Expo, have been announced. This will be a tough quarterfinal round for all athletes as the pool will include strong competition with Buakaw Banchamek vs. Dmytro Konstantynov and Andrei Kulebin vs. Khayal Dzhaniev will make up one side of the tournament bracket, and the other side featuring  Niclas Larsen vs. Marat Grigorian and Reece McAllister vs. Marcin Parcheta.


WMC Champion Buakaw, one of the favourites in this tournament, will have his work cut out for him as 7 other hungry, talented warriors are also eyeing the coveted championship trophy and prize. Niclas Larsen defeated Vladamir Konsky in their quarterfinal fight and is definitely a dark horse to watch for in this tournament.  Congratulations as always to TopKing World Series for organizing another fantastic tournament, promoting the sport and cultural art of Muaythai. Watch the trailer for the upcoming event here.


Fight Card

Final 8 Tournament

Buakaw Banchamek vs, Dmytro Konstantynov

Andrei Kulebin vs. Khayal Dzhaniev

Niclas Larsen vs. Marat Grigorian

Reece McAllister vs. Marcin Parcheta





Super Fights

Pornsanae Sitmonchai vs. Denis Puric

Sangmanee Sor Tiempoe vs. Ka Man Kwok

Sam-A Kaiyanghadaogym vs. Irshaad Sayed

Peemai Jitmuangnon vs. Mostafa Abdolahi

Kaito Fukada VS. Chan Kai Tik

Yusuke Otahara VS. Ming Tang

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WMC, IFMA and IGLA Sign Historical Deal Wed, 10 Dec 2014 09:09:40 +0000 Kob-79For the last 24 months, Muaythai has been busy developing a new education system with the leading experts in Muaythai. This education system is called IGLA, which implements the use of the current Khan system which everyone is familiar with, and aids in the preparation of all practitioners of the sport and art of Muaythai to attain the different levels of Khan.

Muaythai in its core is a historical martial art, but as it continues to grow and gain popularity worldwide, we must also move forward with the times and utilize the technologies that available on hand to educate the next generation of Muaythai athletes and practitioners. IGLA utilizes the “IGLA Muaythai Animation Education System (IMAES),” which will help trainers and teachers in Muaythai gyms and camps teach all of the Muaythai skills from the fundamental to the intermediate and onwards to more advanced skills. The advantage of using the animated system in teaching and training is that trainers and teachers will be able to really go into the specific details of each move which will help their students understand and get an idea of what needs to be done.

The WMC and IFMA certified IGLA system has now been fully developed and will be incorporated in all 128 member countries next year, which in turn will open a new chapter in the sport and cultural art form of Muaythai. In order to make Muaythai to the next level, we will continue to use what we have learned from the past and respect and keep these time-honoured traditions and strive for excellence in the future by integrating this new education system.

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Tengnung Sittasayrung Winner of the 2014 Kings Cup Tue, 09 Dec 2014 10:01:03 +0000 Tengnung_trophyIn a spectacular gala event held in honour of His Majesty’s 87th birthday, and in the midst of over one million people, Tengnung Sittasayrung made the Kingdom proud by winning the Super 4 tournament.

A special moment in the evening’s proceedings was when the Royal Cadets marched in the Kings Cup Trophy donated by His Majesty the King of Thailand, to the World Muaythai Council, which is under Royal Patronage.

Tengnung defeated Carl N’Diaye from Sweden, and Ilya Grad from Israel beat Robin Elite from Brazil in a hard fought toe to toe bout in the semi-final rounds.

In the final bout of the tournament, Tengnung took it to Ilya and dismantled him in the first round for the win, and the crowd was in awe when he stepped up in front of His Majesty’s image to receive the Kings Cup and make Muaythai history.

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Images courtesy of Zrs Gamboa.

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Chommanee Wins UNiTE Trophy Tue, 09 Dec 2014 09:56:54 +0000 Chommanee_trophyChommanee, the pride of Thailand and World Muaythai Angel Champion, truly made her country proud by winning the UNiTE Trophy at the Kings Cup gala event on the 5th of December.

Chommanee was strong in her semi-final bout against Martyna Krol from Poland. Both fighters showed great skill and heart in a highly competitive bout, but it was Chommanee in the end who won the close decision.

The second semi-final was also another close fight between Miriam Sabot from Italy and Marloes Elisabeth Marza from Holland. It was Miriam who came away with a close decision after a highly entertaining fight.

The final between Chommanee and Miriam was another close fight with both fighters respecting each other, but it was Chommanee in the final round who stepped it up and showcased all her skills and proved why she deserved the UNiTE Trophy.

To a standing ovation, the representative of UN Women, Anna-Karin Jatfors, together with IFMA President and WMC General Secretary Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan presented the first ever UNiTE Trophy to Chommanee.

The World Muaythai Council and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur would like to congratulate all 4 girls on a fantastic performance, their excellent example of personifying the 5 pillars of Muaythai: respect, honour, excellence, tradition and fairplay, and for being a part of history in this important campaign.

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Photos courtesy of Zrs Gamboa.


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Giving the Highest Honour to His Majesty the King’s 87th Birthday Anniversary Fri, 05 Dec 2014 08:05:58 +0000 The World Muaythai Council would like to give the highest honour to the 87th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.


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2014 Kings Cup FREE Livestream Fri, 05 Dec 2014 08:01:29 +0000 In Honour of His Majesty’s 87th birthday, the Kings Cup and UNiTE Trophy will be shown free of charge on the Elite Boxing TV site, in English.

In order to promote HM birthday and ensure that everyone around the world has access to this glorious event, The World Muaythai Council will cover all the live streaming cost. WMC would also like to thank Elite Boxing for their continued support, and let’s get ready for WMC Kings Cup 2014.

Click here to go to Elite Boxing TV’s streaming page.

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World Muaythai Angel Champion Chommanee will be the Hope of the Kingdom Fri, 05 Dec 2014 07:14:19 +0000 December 5th 2014, in honour of His Majesty the King’s 87th birthday, the World Muaythai Council Kings Cup will have a special Super 4 Female Trophy given by UNiTE, WMC and IFMA’s joint campaign to End Violence Against Women. Chommanee, the first Muaythai Angel Female Champion, who already represented Thailand at the Saint-Tropez Fight Night, and won the UNiTE plaque, will be Thailand’s contender and will be facing up against Martyna Krol, Miriam Sabot, and Marloes Marza.


The lineup for the women’s Super 4 tournament is:

Chommanee (Thailand) vs Martyna Krol (Poland)
Miriam Sabot (Italy) vs Marloes Elisabeth Marza (Holland)

The lineup for the men’s Super 4 tournament is:

Tengnung Sittasayrung (Thailand) vs Carl N’Diaye (Sweden)
Illya Grad (Irael) vs Robin Elite (Brazil)

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History is Made at 2014 Kings Cup Thu, 04 Dec 2014 06:14:15 +0000 For the first time in the history of the Kings Cup, the World Muaythai Council under Royal Patronage, a Female Super 4 tournament is held as part of the Kings Cup gala event. A special trophy will be given to the winner by the WMC, IFMA and UNiTE. Muaythai is looking forward to use the power of sport to raise awareness in the joint campaign with UN Women to End Violence Against Women.


UNiTE We Stand

Kings Cup 2014_02_Womens_FightCard

The four female fighters are for this year’s special Women’s Super 4 tournament are:

Representing Holland, at 31 years of age, with an impressive fight record and fighting out of the Muay Farang gym, Marloes Marza will bring a competitive edge to the tournament with her talents and skills.

Representing Poland, the youngest fighter on the card at just 20 years of age, Martyna Krol is one of the rising female Muaythai athletes and should definitely not be underestimated in the female Super 4 tournament.

Representing Italy, and at 33 years of age, Miriam Sabot will bring a lot of experience with her into the ring, and will be one of the tougher, and more experienced fighters in the tournament.

Representing Thailand, the current World Muaythai Angel Champion, Chommanee will be the one to look out for in this tournament as this Thai angel will be bringing her own special brand of beautiful destruction to the female Super 4 this weekend.

Congratulations to everyone involved in organizing this amazing event, and good luck to all the fighters!

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The WMC and IFMA, in conjunction with UNiTE Launch Official Campaign Logo Thu, 04 Dec 2014 04:30:56 +0000 Kob-13In a special press conference in the presence of UN Women representative Sujung Kim and IFMA President Dr Sakchey Tapsuwan, the campaign logo for Muaythai’s joint campaign with UN Women, UNiTE to End Violence Against Women, has been officially announced.

The campaign has already been officially launched in Mexico, and for the first time in history, the 2014 Kings Cup will have a special UNiTE Campaign Trophy for a Female Super 4 tournament to create awareness and to celebrate the cooperation between Muaythai and the UN.


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Kings Cup 2014 Press Conference Wed, 03 Dec 2014 08:51:17 +0000 The World Muaythai Council, under Royal Patronage and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur called a combined press conference to announce the 2014 Kings Cup Gala Event.

Special honour was given to Dr. Jarin Suankaew Chairman of the King’s Foundation, who opened the press conference, and gave a word of congratulations to the World Muaythai Council under Royal Patronage and delighted to have both the WMC and IFMA joining hands in this prestigious event.

General Chetta Thanajaro welcomed all the guests, outlining again, the honour and privilege which the WMC has in being a part of the Kings Cup and His Majesty’s 87th birthday.

IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that all preparations are going well, and the packed meeting room gave testament to the excitement and buzz generated by the upcoming event, and most importantly, His Majesty’s 87th birthday.

WMC Vice President and IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox gave a detailed presentation on all the preparations and was delighted that the VIPs from the sporting world will be joining. A big thank you went out to EB TV, especially Toli Marcus, and also Muaythai Live for their fantastic support, and especially UNiTE and UN Women, as history is made on December 5th.

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2014 WMC Kings Cup Trailer Wed, 03 Dec 2014 05:40:08 +0000 Here is the trailer for the 2014 WMC Kings Cup, which will be held on: Friday, December 5th, 2014, Sanam Luang Bangkok, starting at 18.00. Courtesy of Elite Boxing TV.

Don’t miss it!

Also, don’t forget, for our viewers and NFs in other countries, you can stream the event live at EB-TV! Click here to get more information.


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