World Muaythai Council The Official World Governing Body for Professional Muaythai Tue, 01 Dec 2015 11:48:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 King’s Cup 2015 Tue, 01 Dec 2015 11:48:17 +0000 The press conference took place for the 2015 King’s Cup in honour of His Majesty the King’s 88th birthday. December 5 is truly a day of celebration in the kingdom of Thailand. Every year, one of the main attraction to honour His Majesty is the King’s Cup. As every year, the event will be organised in conjunction with the Royal Thai Government (Ministry of Culture), the World Muaythai Council under the patronage of H.M. the King, IFMA, the world governing body for Muaythai, Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under patronage of H.R.H. the Crown Prince and the Sports Authority of Thailand.

General Chetta Thanajaro, President of WMC opened the press conference welcoming all the press stating King’s Cup is one of the most important Muaythai events in the Thai calendar and he is thankful for this year’s event in the cooperation of all parties, the Royal Thai Government and certainly all the athletes from all 5 continents who are participating in this event. General Chetta also stated that Muaythai is getting closer towards recognition by the IOC and the World Muaythai Council will continue to support the IFMA campaign in the best possible ways.


The Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Sakon Wannapong welcomed everyone at the press conference and as a Thai he is proud how to sport has developed worldwide and King’s Cup is truly an important event for Muaythai. Mr. Sakon also stated that the Sport Authority of Thailand will be in full support to the IFMA campaign to be recognised by the IOC.


Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, IFMA President stated that this year’s event is important for so many reasons. Importantly to celebrate H.M. the King’s 88th birthday but also to popularise the event. The Super 4 trophy, donated by H.M. the King, the Super 4 Female trophy donated by UN Women and then thirdly the One-Round-Knock, a new concept thanking specially to General Thanwakom Tipayachan.


General Thanwakom Tipayachan, WMC Executive member stated that the One Round Knock is the exciting program where 16 competitors will only fight 1 round and the decision will be made immediately, the winner moves on until the final (2 rounds) they will fight exact 5 rounds. It will be exciting, and he is happy that all 16 athletes are coming from all 5 continents. Next year, a world event series will be hosted.


Stephan Fox, WMC Vice president and IFMA General Secretary stated that the cultural foundation of Muaythai, the music, the Wai-kru, the Mongkon is important and that the King’s Cup is for every athlete, one of their highlights of their career.  The event will be telecast around the world showcasing the beauty of Muaythai and for the world to join in the celebration of the Kingdom. Stephan Fox especially thanked Elite Boxing and EFN qualification series who have done a tremendous job in getting the Super 4 organised.

]]> 0 Mon, 30 Nov 2015 07:34:37 +0000 25th of November marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

UN Women and UNiTE campaign to end violence against women around the world this year aims to create awareness with “Orange the World” beginning from the 25th of November until 10th December which is the Human Rights day. Participated cities, countries and organisations illuminate their buildings, landmarks and statues with orange colour during the 16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. These include the Little Mermaid state in Copenhagen, the Great Niagara Falls in both USA and Canada sides, Petra Archaeological Park in Jordan, The National Monument of Pakistan and many other significant places around the globe.

Bangkok, together with UN Women and Australian Embassy, lead by The Australian Ambassador HE Mr Paul Robilliard, saw the importance of this campaign and are in full support for UNiTE and UN Women, organised “Orange the World” event at the Australian embassy on the 25th November inviting important guests and VIPs from UN Women, Embassies and many Thai media were present. All attendees had a chance to view an art exhibition showcasing the crimes against human rights especially to women. HE Mr Paul Robilliard gave a powerful speech on how important it is that everyone should take part and be an active bystander to end violence against women around the world. In final, the Australian embassy building was illuminated in orange.


IFMA had signed MOU with UN Women in 2013 and now over 80 countries of national federations have establish projects to support this campaign including workshops for coaches and instructors, special manual has been developed. UN Women trophies are donated to major events to create awareness regardless in Monaco which the event was chaired by Price Albert II or in St. Tropez in which Mademoiselle Brigitte Bardot Chaired the event, and in Bangkok during IFMA World Championship in which UN Women was a firm partner.


IFMA was represented by Azadeh Kamyabi and Panida Ottesen from IFMA Social Responsibility Unit and IFMA will continue to use the power of sport, the champions, and all stakeholders to create a positive change to the society.


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Pan-American Championships in Peru Fri, 06 Nov 2015 05:10:38 +0000 Peru Muaythai Association will be the host for one of the biggest fight events held in the region. Peru Muaythai Association under the Presidency and national director of Rodrigo Jorquera, have put together a world class event which will put Lima in the center of Muaythai this weekend.

The event is hosted by the Peruvian National Muaythai Federation which is fully recognized by the national Olympic committee of Peru in collaboration with Peruvian Sports Institute and sponsored by Magdalena del Mar. Many embassies will be present to support their athletes.


MUAYTHAI 72 is a 3 day Peruvian Festival that comes back for the second year on 27th, 28th and 29th November 2015, starting 9am in the spacious hall of Chamochumbi Coliseum in Magdalena del Mar, Lima.

This festival will highlight 4 important international fights for WMC International and Continental Titles. The main fight will be USA Superstar, WMC Intercontinental champion, Kevin Ross, taking on the Brazilian champion, Leandro Duarte. This fight truly is putting two of Pan American’s best in the ring.


For WMC SouthAmerican Title Giovanni Mazzetti from Perú will challenge Israel Roldán from Argentina in the -75kg división.


The South American title will be held between Gaston Balanos from Peru against Juan Allevato from Argentina in the 63.5 Kg. division.


The female championship fight will be between Luna Tobin from Peru against Araceli Fornera from Paraguay for the South American title in the -57kg división.


A Muaythai Expo will be also held at the festival, with exhibitions, muaythai related products, seminars and delicious food court.

72 Hours Muaythai Festival will be a 3 days event where all participants will live, breathe and enjoy muaythai at its best, with national and international matches held in a family and friendly environment.

This great event is hosted by the Peruvian National Muaythai Federation in collaboration with Peruvian Sports Institute IPD and sponsored by Magdalena del Mar city, the Royal Thai Embassy in Peru and several private institutions that support this development of the sports.


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WMC I-1 Huge Success Thu, 05 Nov 2015 05:17:14 +0000 One of the WMC trademarks, WMC I-1 organised by famous promoter … under the sanctioning of Hong Kong Muaythai Association was again a huge success.

The Hong Kong Exhibition Center was again filled to the bursting point where entertainment met sporting excellence in the truly knock out event.

Two belts on the line: the 57 kg event with Ali Yaakub from Malaysia, one of the biggest names in muaythai was matched against whatever from Thailand and this fight had a crowd on the feet from the beginning to end when two world class fighters showed their arsenal of eight weapons.On the end in a split decision it was Ali Yaakub winning the fight which shows again that the muaythai is a truly international sport.

The second fight was between Alex Serepisos from New Zealand against from South Africa; Oceania Vs South Africa. In this world class event New Zealand was the winner.

The final was Australia Vs Asia, Ali Yaakub Vs Alex Serepisos, and this is the match which the Oceania Olympic Committee and Oceania Olympic Committee like to see as both continents will lead in the Indonesian Martial Arts Games.

In a world class performance which could have only one winner, New Zealand was on the slightest margin and this rematch is a must at any promoter’s card.

The second super four was in 71 kg division with Thai superstar, winner of the reality show “Challenger” and 3-time I-1 World Champion; former WMC world champion, Tum Mardsua took on Eddie Vendetta from Colombia. Tum Mardsua has shown again why he is the Challenger champion winning the fight.

The second semi final fight saw Georgian athlete, Carlo Doinjashvili in all European Match against Cypriot, Giorgos Kostanov, and it was Georgia winning the fight and the final was set Mardsua Vs Doinjashvili and Mardsua leaving nothing for chances. From the opening bell the crowd favoured with the precision of a surgeon going to work and winning the battle but all respect must go to Georgia for this outstanding battle.


The undercard was full packed with local fighter from Hong Kong, China to continue showcasing the strength of Hong Kong muaythai, one of the most organised national federations.


Again congratulations to WMC I-1 promoter, athletes from 5 continents showing why muaythai is one of the fastest going sports on the planet.


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EFN 3 Results And Recap Tue, 03 Nov 2015 09:22:56 +0000 Malaysian fight fans were treated to a feast of action at the Kuala Lumpur Cheras Stadium for the EFN Champions League event. A packed out crowd witnessed the final tournaments to decide the last two places for the Kings Birthday tournament in December.

The group A tournament featured the Thai contender Teerapong Kiatkorvit, Canadian prospect Sean Kearney, Aiman Redarmy from Indonesia and local favorite Kai Chee. Sean made his intentions very clear in his opening bout, wearing down the Thai favorite Teerapong with constant pressure and solid knees, winning by knee stoppage in the second round. The second semi final in group A saw Aiman Redarmy take a clear win over Kai Chee, dominating the fight with solid punches and low kicks to take the decision. Sean followed on where he left off in the final, marching forward with relentless knee and elbow attacks. Aiman was unable to stem the tide and dropped to the canvas from a barrage of knees in round one, with Sean crowned champion after only 3 rounds of fighting.

The group B tournament started with the youngest fighter Maroof Ozcan also starting with a bang, dominating his fight with Iranian Mostafa Ashouri, before knocking him out with a hard left hook in the second round. The other semi final fight saw Malaysian fighter Bow Suweilek out point the Russian contender Vladimir Shulyak in a close fight, with Bow just a little too sharp technically for Vladimir. Bow put on another technically smart fight in the final tying Maroof up in the clinch in the first two rounds. Maroof looked a little guilty of showing Bow too much respect as well and came to life in the third, but it was too late to turn the fight around and Bow was crowned champion.


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Italy Promotes Female and Kids Muaythai at Muaythai Gala in Brecia Thu, 22 Oct 2015 05:43:30 +0000 Italian Muaythai Federation is set to hold the 3rd International Fighters Muaythai Gala in the city of Brecia where athletes in female and male divisions will clarify who is the strongest Italian muaythai athlete.

Kids promotion will open the gala with a special match. Italy Female Commission represented by European WMC Champion Barbara Bontempi has been actively working to promote muaythai for females and kids, and is fully engaged in the event as a technical official this Sunday.

The Mayor of Brecia will honour the guests of the event and join the celebration of sport and muaythai for kids, females and everyone in the beautiful country of Italy.

Great matches are scheduled for the main part of the event:

fight list 24.10


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Superstar Buakaw Joins HeForShe Campaign with UN Women Mon, 19 Oct 2015 04:59:27 +0000 WMC and IFMA have signed an important campaign with UN Women 2 years ago to end violence against women. WMC president, Gen. Chettha Thanajaro, says that giving back is important and Muaythai must continue to help with transformation of life of those in need, injecting positive development.

IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, stated that Muaythai is in various campaigns such as Muaythai Against Drugs, Sport is Your Gang which has won the Spirit of Sport awards and the important UN Women campaign. Using our champion athlete will help to change perspective and stereotypes forging greater understanding tolerance and trust.Sue Latta, IFMA Vice President and President of Oceania Muaythai Federation and former world champion who is one of the key person in the campaign, says that Muaythai is a martial art based on respect. Respect means gender, religion, social background and races. Muaythai will continue to use its power to contribute to a better society.

buakhao 3

Stephan Fox, President of AIMS, stated that the HeForShe campaign with UN Women is an important one where the Muaythai superstar, Buakaw, as a role model will use his popularity to stand up to promote gender equality. Buakaw, who has won the WMC World title 5 times, also received the cup from his Serene Highness Prince Albert II in our Sport is Your Gang campaign is the perfect role model. His popularity will get the attention that this campaign needs.

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Dresden Welcomes Back E.M.L. League Fri, 16 Oct 2015 06:43:47 +0000 European Muaythai League has established itself as a spectacular event which is widely highlighted on TV organising its events in different European cities.

The city of Dresden and Glöckner EVENTARENA will again host the European Muaythai League on 7 November 2015.

After the successful debut of the event last year Dresden is proud to welcome muaythai athletes, finalists of the last Muaythai Royal World Cup.

The full roster for the event promises to give an exciting event for all spectators:

Germany Judgement day4

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Kick-off of Muaythai World Game Campaign Mon, 12 Oct 2015 09:35:21 +0000 2017 will be another historical year for muaythai with the first inclusion of muaythai in the World Games, an event patronised by the IOC.

Muaythai is expanding a two-year promotional campaign towards Wroclaw 2017 with the 1st step being the first sport starting the qualification series at the Royal World Cup last month in Bangkok with 120 countries participating.

Now a national hype will be created in Poland in which muaythai is fully recognised by the sports ministry and NOC and has a huge popularity.

The last year’s final at the European Championship attracted over 10,000 spectators in the Krakow Arena which clearly shows the popularity the sport has.

The Polish Muaythai Federation under the President Rafal Szlachta, also the General Secretary of EMF, IFMA EB member is one of the most active IFMA member federation and undoubtedly a lot of energy will go into the preparation.

It started two weeks ago in the capital city, Warsaw with the national team promoting muaythai and the award winning performance Muaythai Live flying from Thailand to promote muaythai and the World Games at this special fair.

October 24 will mark the official kick-off in the host city Wroclaw and Rafal Szlachta stated that it is a true honour to be a first sport to start the official campaign and to mark the host country and the motherland of muaythai it is Poland vs Thailand in the Gala Event.

The Mayor of Wroclaw, Rafał Dutkiewicz said that this will create a true hype for Wroclaw as the event is worldwide televised and the director of the organising committee, Piotr Przygonski is looking forward to an unforgettable night in the Orbita arena.

Many VIPs will travel from far, the CEO of World Games, Mr. Joachim Gossow will be part of the official press conference and AIMS President, and IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox will travel from Thailand to show the importance muaythai and IFMA have given to Wroclaw, IWGA and all the athletes participating in this upcoming multisport event.
Let the World Games road to WIGA in Wroclaw begin!


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Ultra Elite Fighters to Compete for Honour Fri, 09 Oct 2015 05:26:13 +0000 Spanish Muaythai is putting on another world class event under the banner of Ultra Elite Fighters where the best of the best will compete for honour this Sunday, 11 October.

Ultra Elite Fighters has become a world recognised fighting event under the banner of the World Muaythai Council especially in the Hispanic world.

Good luck to all athletes!matchmaking-sesion1

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UN Women: International Sport Federations Commit to Combat Violence Against Women and Girls Wed, 07 Oct 2015 08:41:27 +0000 Twenty three sport federations from around the world committed to promote gender equality and train coaches and athletes to prevent violence against women and girls.

A joint pledge was signed by the sports groups’ representatives and presented to UN Women during the Muaythai Royal World Cup 2015 held in Bangkok in August. The signing ceremony was witnessed by over 400 delegates and sports representatives from around the world.

The event was attended by UN Women Asia Pacific deputy regional director, Anna-Karin Jatfors, Stephan Fox, president of the Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (AIMS), Julie Gabriel, AIMS Executive Board member in charge of social responsibility, and Sue Latta, vice president of the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA), who heads the Female Empowerment through Muaythai (FEM) initiative.

UNiTE logo AP

During the World Cup and AIMS Conference, twenty-six international Muaythai coaches participated in a consultation to develop a new training package for the prevention of violence against women in sports settings. The session was organised by UN Women Asia Pacific in partnership with IFMA. The package is expected to be finalised and launched by 2016.



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WMC I-1 World Muaythai Grand Extreme to Thunder in Hong Kong Fri, 25 Sep 2015 08:34:09 +0000 On 2 November 2015 the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Center (Star Hall) will host the I-1 World Muaythai Grand Extreme 2015 which is held in cooperation with the World Muaythai Council under the sanctioning of the Hong Kong Muaythai Association.

Hong Kong and its love for martial arts as the main city for so many famous martial art movies will come alive again when the WMC event series will be again filling every seat and the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Center.

The 2 main matches of the night are going to be the WMC I-1 CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE  competed in Super-4 format in two weight divisions in 72kg and 57kg category.


The middle weight super 4 contenders are:

Mardsua Tum (Thailand), winner of the reality show “Challenger” and 3-time I-1 World Champion; former WMC world champion

Giorgos Kostanov (Cyprus), current U.S.M.T.A Champion of Cyprus;

Eddie Vendetta (Colombia), a.k.a. “Colombian Warrior”, Champion of Colombia, South Thailand Stadium champion

Carlo Doinjashvili (Goergia), a.k.a. “Beko”, current Champion of Georgia and Caucasus.


The 4 champions competing for the 57 kg Super-4 are:

Ali Yaakub (Malaysia), former I-1 Super-4 International Champion, 5-time Champion of Malaysia, and Z-1 International Champion; multiple IFMA Champion

Arnon Setthanwa (Thailand), a.k.a. “Jack the Ripper”, Thailand National Champion; top ranked WMC fighter

Ncedo Gomba (South Africa), South African muaythai champion and

Alexi Serepisos (New Zealand), 2-time North Island Champion and Current TBA Champion.


The undercard will see all the local talents making a name for themselves and trying to get in the ranking of HKMTA to participate in upcoming Asian Beach Games and Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games.


Ricky Fei Long (Hong Kong)
Xavier Tam (Hong Kong)


Wong Kwok-Yin Cookie (Hong Kong)
Kwok Hoi-Ling (Hong Kong),


More international exciting bouts will be contested between:

Chak Kam-Ho (Hong Kong), Former Hong Kong Champion
Theo Giannopoulos (Greece), XFS World Champion

Pavlos Kaponis (Greece), aka “Diamond”, 4-time Greek Champion and IMC World Champion
Singbrid Ka Bee (Thailand), Former Nakhon Ratchasima Champion, Winner of Hero Legends Championship

Special thank you to promoter Kim Yip and the Hong Kong Muaythai Association for another world class muaythai event in one of the most dynamic cities in the world Hong Kong.


GX15B-Poster-20x30inb GX15B-Poster-20x30inb2


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