World Muaythai Council The Official World Governing Body for Professional Muaythai Thu, 11 Sep 2014 08:52:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 WMC and IFMA Muaythai Superstars Belarusian Showdown Thu, 11 Sep 2014 08:52:06 +0000 Topking World Series will see one of the biggest Muaythai showdowns in this world-class round robin muaythai event in Belarus, with the second round taking place in France, the third round in China, and the final in Thailand.



Many WMC and IFMA superstars such as Thailand’s Buakao Banchamek, multiple IFMA World champions such as Andre Kulebin from Belarus and Igor Liubchenko from Ukrain will be competing with 16 other fighters in this event which will take place in several stages spanning 4 countries.

The first group of 8 fighters will be facing off this weekend in Belarus, the second group will face off in France later on this year. The remaining 8 will then compete in China and the final will be held in Thailand to crown the champion of this epic tournament.

The winner will receive a grand prize of 5 million baht, the runner up will receive 3 million, and third and fourth place will receive 1 million baht each.

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Yodsanklai Fairtex Put on a Muaythai Clinic at Lionfight 18 Tue, 09 Sep 2014 05:46:15 +0000 3-time WMC World Champion and winner of the award reality show, Contender Asia, Yodsanklai Fairtex took on United Kingdom’s Salah Khalifa the WMC Muaythai Against Drugs (MAD) Champion at Lion Fight 18. Although, Khalifa showed heart and came to fight, it was Yodsanklai that stopped him in the second round.

Watch the replay below, video courtesy of AXS TV Fights.

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Super Muaythai Gala in Tarragona, Spain Mon, 08 Sep 2014 05:08:16 +0000 OCTOBER 18TH will see the host city of the upcoming Mediterranean Games treated to a world class event!


Multiple IFMA and WMC World Champion Andrei “Bullet” Kulebin from Belorussia will take on Jordan Armas from Spain. The spanish fighter will have his work cut out against one of the most outstanding fighters in the world. Furthermore there will be a Super4 España. It is the first time that a round-robin event will be held in Spain and the following fighters will be :

- Enrique Taboada (Catalonia)

- José Moral (Andalusia)

- Manuel Pomares (Valencia)

- Mario Lecena (Madrid)

And on the 3 rounds of 3 minutes fight we will be seeing:

- Carlos de Celis VS Sergio Montesdeoca (Canary Islands)

- Marc Rodriguez (Catalonia) VS Miguel Sierra

There will also be a WMC national title with a 5 rounds of 3 minutes with Javi Ruiz (Andalucia) VS Kevin Martinez (Valencia).

Lastly, one of the highlights of the event is when the female Hispanic Champion, Sarai “Iron Lady” Medina (Spain) will face off against Thailand’s Champion, Suphisara Konlak and the South American Champion, Martin Velasco will go against Thailand’s Superstar, Wirayut Sutthaphirom.


A special thanks to Muaythai España and Muaythai Asociacion del Mundo Hispano for this event and taking another important step into the hispanic-muaythai world.

]]> 0 There Are No Losers in Muaythai: Three Champions United Thu, 04 Sep 2014 09:06:47 +0000 The Emmy-nominated reality show, Challenger Muaythai, has been one of the most watched reality shows around the globe. The event showed all the aspects of Muaythai; the tradition, the values, and the cultural aspects. It showed the sacrifices, dreams and hopes of outstanding athletes from 5 continents and that there are no borders or social differences; we drink the same water and we must show as much grace in defeat as in victory.


Three of the superstars, the challenger winner, Mardsua from Thailand, the finalist, Jordan Watson from England and the semi-finalist Mustafa Abdollahi (Mosi) from Iran have become close friends, showing the real foundation of Muaythai, that the friendship starts immediately again after the last punch and the only way we look down on our opponents is if we help them back up on their feet. Today, all these three champions work at the same gym in Hong Kong, giving their united experience to new generations regardless if they practice Muaythai for fitness or competition.

The foundations of Muaythai are built of 5 important pillars, respect, honour, excellence, fair play and tradition, and there is no doubt that these three outstanding athletes are true ambassadors for Muaythai and all we stand for.



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Yodsanklai Fairtex Open Workout and Interview Video Thu, 04 Sep 2014 03:56:44 +0000 Thailand’s own Yodsanklai Fairtex, former 3-time WMC World Champion and winner of the show Contender Asia, will be representing the sport and art of Muaythai this weekend as he prepares for his fight with United Kingdom’s Salah Khalifa the WMC Muaythai Against Drugs (MAD) Champion at Lion Fight 18 this coming Friday, the 5th of September. Congratulations to Lion Fight CEO Scott Kent, for putting on another exciting fightcard at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

YodSanklai Fairtex – Warm Up. from Duane G. on Vimeo.

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European Muaythai League Set of Action this Weekend Wed, 03 Sep 2014 10:16:57 +0000 Brescia, Italy gears up for the European Muaythai League fight night this coming Saturday on the 7th of September. The event will feature 12 world class athletes in a competitive evening broadcasted live on 360TV. Congratulations to the promoters and EMF on organizing an action-packed event.



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Muaythai Mourns the Passing of Lithuanian Muaythai Union President Tue, 02 Sep 2014 03:00:37 +0000 On behalf of the World Muaythai Council and the world muaythai community, we wish to express our sincere condolences for the recent passing of the Lithuanian Muaythai Union’s beloved President, Dr. Nerijus Zukas. His death is no doubt a great loss.

A doctor of Technical Sciences, a Martial Arts enthusiast, a former diplomat and businessman, Dr. Zukas entered as a candidate for Presidency of the Lithuanian Muaythai Union in November 2013.


Dr. Zukas became President after the Extraordinary Conference of union members voted unanimously. Upon his election he said “I am convinced that the development of muaythai in Lithuania has a lot of untapped potential. Together with my team and the sport community, we will be working on promoting the sport and make every little effort to help sport clubs to educate highly skilled athletes”

His hard work bore fruit when the Lithuanian team that participated at the recent IFMA World Championships under his leadership took home a silver medal. It was in Langkawi where many of the IFMA family had the great opportunity to meet and know Dr. Luksas. We will remember fondly his great drive for excellence, intelligence and warmth.

We wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends who are affected so greatly by this loss. We honour him and those whose lives he touched are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Who Will Be the Next World Muaythai Angels Champion? Fri, 29 Aug 2014 09:00:35 +0000 WMAAfter the success of the first round of the World Muaythai Angels (WMA), which saw Chommanee Taehiran from Thailand winning the 1,000,000 Thai Baht prize and a brand new Toyota car, round two has begun with female athletes from around the world vying to get their spot in the final 16.

Promotional events and qualifying fights will be held during the rest of the year, with the first event being held at the end of October in Bangkok.

The WMA Season Two round robin event will start early next year, and as female Muaythai has grown so much in popularity, the world is looking forward to the next season, where the best of the best will fight for honour, glory, and the biggest payday in their fighting career.


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Chommannee: Muaythai Angel World Champion and Female Ambassador Fri, 29 Aug 2014 08:43:16 +0000 After the growing success of Contender Asia, and Emmy-nominated Challenger Muaythai, Mr Jaru Ajchariya came up with the concept of creating World Muaythai Angels, sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council. 16 female athletes from around the world competed in a round-robin tournament system over a 3-month period. It was Chomannee Taehiran who was crowned the first WMA Champion, receiving the grand prize of 1,000,000 Thai Baht and a brand new Toyota Vios car.

Chomannee started Muaythai at the young age of 9, her brother being a Muaythai athlete was her idol and inspiration, and she started to make a name for herself in Thailand from the age of 15 onwards when she became known in the Muaythai circle.

Today, Chomannee is a true superstar in the sport, involved in various charity events and she was the first female to be chosen in the WMC and IFMA’s UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Campaign, fighting against Russia’s Irina Mazepa  in FightNight Saint-Tropez, France.

Chomannee is known for her outstanding sportsmanship, stating that respect is a very important part of Muaythai and in fact everyday life, and she will continue to use Muaythai as a tool to inspire the younger generation of athletes, using the sport and art to protect and keep the peacefulness for Thailand and to do good for society.

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Foreign Dignities at the Royal Patronage Ceremony Fri, 22 Aug 2014 05:48:22 +0000 The continued cooperation between the World Muaythai Council under patronage of His Majesty the King of Thailand, IFMA, the world governing body for amateur Muaythai, and all the various different governments is of most importance.

WMC and IFMA have 128 member federations, with over 70 of them fully recognized by their NOC and/or highest sport authority. Muaythai is included in so many multi-sport games like the Arafura Games, TAFISA Games, SEA Games, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Asian Beach Games, Demonstration Sport in the Asian Games, World Games, and World Combat Games. WMC and IFMA would like to say thank you to over 30 foreign countries which came to the Royal Ceremony or sent congratulatory letters. We will continue to work closely together with the different National Olympic Committees, Sport and Culture Ministries in all our 128 member countries toward highest recognition.


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Muaythai Receives Royal Patronage Thu, 21 Aug 2014 10:11:45 +0000 WMC_LOGO_New HM The King_sq The World Muaythai Council, the world governing body for the art and sport of Muaythai has received the highest possible honour any organization can receive in the Kingdom of Thailand; the Royal Patronage of His Majesty, the King of Thailand.

The World Muaythai Council has been established since 1995 under directive of the Royal Thai Government. WMC and IFMA have worked together since day one to promote and foster all aspects of Muaythai as a cultural art form towards the highest possible recognition. The special ceremony took place in the capacity-filled ballroom of the Sport Authority building of Thailand.


All government departments, sport and culture ministries, sport authorities, and all major Muaythai stadiums and promoters were invited to historic event. PDG. General Saiyud Kerdphol, General Wimon Wongwanich the former President of WMC, General Chatta Thanajaro the current President of WMC, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan IFMA President and WMC General Secretary, Khun Kajorn Prowsree Vice President of the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Stephan Fox Vice President of WMC and General Secretary of IFMA, and so many other notable VIPs were also in attendance. Over 20 representatives from the different embassies in Bangkok also came to witness the ceremony, along with representatives from the United Nations, and many other organizations.

Dr Sakchye started off the afternoon with a heart-warming welcome speech, outlining the event and the history of WMC. It was a proud moment when the Royal Cadets from the Royal Military Academy delivered the Royal Flag and the Royal Letter from His Majesty, showing respect to His Majesty the King and the Royal Patronage given to Muaythai. General Chetta then performed the royal oath on behalf of the World Muaythai Council.

General Wimon then delivered the congratulatory speech as the former president of the World Muaythai Council, followed by congratulatory speeches from representatives of all ministries, especially sports and culture. Stephan Fox, Vice President of WMC and General Secretary of IFMA, then made a presentation on the achievements from 1995 to 2014, and delivered the congratulations on behalf of the 128 international muaythai federations. A special congratulatory speech from National Olympic Council of Thailand, also under Royal Patronage, was delivered. An action-packed Wai Khru performance by Muaythai Juniors from the Laan Khru Suea House and a beautiful rendition of the “We Are Muaythai” song rounded up the historical event.


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FAMA General Secretary Visits IFMA HQ Mon, 18 Aug 2014 10:04:59 +0000 photo-3-600x450FAMA General Secretary Mervyn Tan flew to Bangkok to attend an important joint FAMA & IFMA meeting.

FAMA is one of the most active Continental Federations, included in many multi-sports games in the region such as the SEA Games, Indoor Asian Games, and Asian Beach Games and currently applying for inclusion in the Asian Games.

The meeting’s agenda included some important topics such as an update on the Asian Beach Games with regards to Technical Officials and extra activities to be organised by FAMA in Phuket, consideration of various bidding cities to host the next Asian Championships and progress report on the organisation and preparations for the 2015 World Cup.

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