World Muaythai Council The Official World Governing Body for Professional Muaythai Mon, 02 Mar 2015 03:36:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hungary Turns Up The Heat Mon, 02 Mar 2015 03:36:43 +0000 The first event in Hungary for 2015 saw Muaythai Mania 7 kick off with a bang in February. The fight card featured intense fights in five different weight classes including the first ever female WMC bout in Hungary. Female Muaythai is steadily gaining more popularity around the world, and this is evident through the various tournaments and events sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council.

Congratulations to the promoters of Muaythai Mania again for putting on another sold-out show featuring athletes hungry to compete in a full arena with a great Muaythai atmosphere. The event was broadcasted live by one of the leading sports channels in Hungary and thousands of other Muaythai fans around Hungary were able to enjoy the event live from their homes. Muaythai in Hungary is steadily growing and stay tuned for more events from around the world as the popularity of the sport and cultural art form of Muaythai continues to gain new heights.

Main Fight Card Results

Túróczi Vajk defeated Vass János (66.68kg)
Bereczki Dominik defeated Varga Máté (69.85kg)
Kissfalvi Milán defeated Hudák Roland (79.38kg)
Kovács Alexandra defeated Földvári Judith (57.15kg)
Lapusnyik László defeated Kontra Csaba (95kg+)
Albrecht Péter defeated Bodnár Dániel (66.68kg)

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Lion Fight 20: Video Highlights Tue, 24 Feb 2015 10:21:26 +0000 Lion Fight promotions put on another impressive show this past weekend with the explosive Lion Fight 20. For the main event of the evening, Muaythai superstar, Jorina Baars from Holland defended her Lion Fight women’s welterweight title against challenger, Chantal Ughi, from Italy.

Congratulations to Scot Kent and Lion Fight for continuing to promote the art and sport of Muaythai and for another excellent fight card.

Fight Card Results

Julio Pena (2-0) defeated Tom Evans (0-2)

Gaston Bolanos (3-0) defeated Caleb Archer (5-2)

Jo Nattawut (53-10-2) defeated Richard Abraham (6-2)

John Nofer (6-1) defeated Jason Andrada (6-2)

Jo Sittisak (66-12) defeated Chris Mauceri (7-2)

Jorina Baars (37-0-3) defeated Chantal Ughi (39-19)

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Lion Fight 20 Ready to Kick Off Fri, 20 Feb 2015 09:59:33 +0000 Lion Fight promotions puts on another excellent fight card with their most recent Lion Fight 20 going down this weekend. Reigning women’s Champion Jorina Baars, the last woman to beat Cris Cyborg, Jorina Baars returns to the Lion Fight ring to attempt her first title defence against Chantal Ughi.

With a successful weigh-in featuring an exciting fight card, this event will be sure to deliver. Lion Fight 20 will air live on AXS TV at LION FIGHT 20 Airs Live on AXS TV at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.


– See more at the Lion Fight site.

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Knees of Fury 50th Edition Fri, 13 Feb 2015 10:20:22 +0000 Israel Adesanya will be taking on Kim Loudon in the main event of Knees of Fury 50, at the The Barton Theatre in South Australia on Saturday 14 February. There are not many promotions in the world which enjoyed such consistent success like Knees of Fury in Adelaide, Australia. Saturday night will mark 50th edition of a promotion which has seen some of the best fighters from around the world coming to Adelaide; and at the same time seen the Adelaide talent squaring off with the best fighters from both in and outside of Australia.

The show’s promoter Ethan Shepp needs no introduction. A former successful muaythai athlete who has always looked after the interest of the athletes in his coaching career, and for this has earned the highest respect from the muaythai community. Congratulations on a 50th edition of Knees of Fury to the whole fight promotion.


Knees of Fury 50 Fight Card:

Israel Adesanya vs Kim Loudon

Steve Behan vs Zack Fatamaka

Kosta Masmanidis vs Petchtawan

Jason Altman vs Sebastian Holmes

Josh Braithwaite vs Dimitri Petridis

Carly Gangell vs Te-Huia Tana

Ashley Riding vs Jordan Feilding

Shaun Dawson vs Jordie Bargallie

Cameron Bully vs Mahe Maile

Sarah Kate vs Alex Wellington

Kyle Searle vs James Coleman

Steve Birchall vs Dylan Sariovski

Tina Sougleris vs Jacinda Claridge

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Female Muaythai UNiTE Thu, 12 Feb 2015 07:55:48 +0000 Muaythai and UNiTE have continued their fantastic joint campaign to End Violence Against Women. World Muaythai Angels partnered up with WMC to put on a special Muaythai Day show to promote the popularity of female Muaythai.

Girls from around the world joined in the fantastic event and to promote the campaign, and the Thai national team took on an international team in an unforgettable event for all participants and spectators.

The main fight of the evening was between World Muaythai Angels Champion Chommanee Sor Taehiran, and Martyna Krol from Poland which had the entire stadium on their feet, millions of viewers on TV on the edge of their seat, which showed that female Muaythai is truly equally and many say, even more popular than their male counterpart. It was the champion Chommanee, who had to go into overdrive to win a very close fight. Respect to both athletes to be a part of such an important campaign, and to be part of such an outstanding gala. A special thank you to Khun Jaru, the CEO World Muaythai Angels and everyone involved. UNiTE we stand.

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Muaythai Truly International Wed, 11 Feb 2015 10:54:41 +0000 Muaythai is truly an international sport, and Muaythai Day is an important event in the Muaythai calendar with the main festivities held in Thailand, organized by the Thai Government, the World Muaythai Council under directive of the Thai Government, and certainly, IFMA the world governing body, recognized by the OCA, IWGA, and many others.

The story is told that the Phra Chao Suea (the Tiger King), the father of Muaythai , took on challengers in any division and against any challenger; so in his honour, 3 different trophies in 3 different weight divisions were organized.


The first 57kg match saw Ncedo Gomba from South Africa taking on Wan Xin from China in a world class match and it was South Africa beating China to make it into the final. The next semi-final saw Thai superstar Chainoi Worawut take on Gary Sicily from Itlay, and the atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying with Thailand winning the bout. The first final was set for Ncedo Gomba from South Africa against Chainoi Worawut from Thailand.

The next semi-final was in the 63.6kg division, with Kwan Sor Ploenjit from Thailand taking on Brian Denis from France in a fantastic bout that went down to a very close decision in favour of Thailand. In the second semi-final in the 63.6kg division, saw Russia’s Timur Mamatisakov taking on Anton Petruv from Bulgaria and it was Timur Mamatisakov from Russia winning in devastating form and setting up the final between Thailand and Russia.

The middleweight division of 72kg for the third trophy saw the first semi-final bout between Shane O’Neill from Ireland and Eduart Paci from Albania. This was another hard fought match with Shane O’Neill taking the final decision and moving on to the final. The second semi-final saw Asian champion Anantadej Petchsupapan from Thailand taking on Remi Vectol from France. This bout was a world-class from both fighters with Anantadej from Thailand bringing everything out in the final round to take the win and move on to the final.

The final was set with 3 trophies and fighters from 4 countries. The first final was the 57kg between Thailand’s Chainoi Worawut and South Africa’s Ncedo Gomba. Ncedo Gomba showed why Africa is on the rise and produced a major upset in the home country, beating the Thai at his own turf. A fantastic display of muaythai and a standing ovation was given to both athletes by all spectators.

The second semi-final was between Russia and Thailand, with Kwan Sor Ploenjit from Thailand under real pressure and Timur Mamatisakov from Russia showing why Russia is one of the powerhouses in Muaythai. Thailand lost the second fight and second trophy, which showed that Muaythai is truly international.

For the final trophy, it was up to Thailand’s Anantadej Petchsupapan to save the pride of the Kingdom, and what a fight it was. Shane O’Neill from Ireland gave it all he had, but Anantadej fought the fight of his life for the pride of the kingdom, with millions of viewers on TV, and won the third fight.

A fantastic night of fights, a great night for Muaythai, and the Tiger King would be truly proud to see the popularity of the sport worldwide.

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Men’s Super Four Tournaments Results:

1. Ncedo Gomba (ZAF) win vs Wang Xin (CHN) 57 kg

2. Chainoi Worawut (THA) win vs Gary Sicily (ITA) 57 kg

3. Kwan Sor Ploenjit (THA) win vs Brian Denis (FRA) 63.5 kg

4. Timur Mamatisakov (RUS) win vs Anton Petrov (BUL) 63.5 kg

5. Shane O’Neill (IRL) win vs Eduart Paci (ALB) 72 kg

6. Anantadej Petchsupapan (THA) win vs Remi Vectol (FRA) 72 kg

7. Ncedo Gomba (ZAF) win vs Chainoi Worawut (THA) 57 kg

8. Timur Mamatisakov (RUS) win vs Kwan Sor Ploenjit (THA) 63.5 kg

9. Anantadej Petchsupapan (THA) win vs Shane O’Neill (IRL) 72 kg

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A Wonderful Muaythai Day Mon, 09 Feb 2015 10:13:10 +0000 February 6th marked the day of the celebration of Muaythai in honour of the Ayutthaya-era king Somdet Phra Sanphet VIII, also known as Phra Chao Suea (the Tiger King), the father of Muaythai. With over 60 countries joining in the celebration with events ranging from Krob Khru ceremonies, social responsibility events and so on, with the main event held in Thailand at the department of culture. The Minister of the Culture Ministry of Thailand, HE Mr Vira  Rojpojchanarat, WMC President, General Chetta Thanajaro, and IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan presided over the ceremony. The international community was represented by IFMA General Secretary Mr Stephan Fox, Vice President of FAMA ,Dato’ Shahnaz Azmi of Malaysia, and the Vice President of the European Muaythai Federation, Mr Detlef Turnau.

It was a celebration for Muaythai in general with all the different masters coming together representing all the different styles of Muaythai: Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Chaiya, Muay Thasao, and Muay Palasuksa. A special Wai Khru ceremony took place and the Mae Mai Muaythai techniques were demonstrated as well. February 6th was great day of celebration for all the 128 International Federations and the millions of practitioners of the cultural art form and sport of Muaythai around the world.

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Madrid Heating Up for an Ultra Elite Muaythai Evening Thu, 05 Feb 2015 05:45:00 +0000 The Ultra Elite Fighters Promostions event in Madrid, Spain has been set for February 21. The event is promoted by the Asociacion WMTC Del Mundo Hispano (All Hispanic World WMC Association) in conjunction with WMC and IFMA.

This will be the first of ten Muaythai events that will take place starting in Spain then moving around Europe to Italy, Portugal, Romania and Argentina. Congratulations to Spain Muaythai for organizing another highly anticipated event!

Ultra Elite FEB21

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Muaythai Showdown in China Mon, 02 Feb 2015 04:44:27 +0000 A recent press release showed how China has become a powerhouse in Muaythai in recent years. Beijing was the host of the first World Combat Games, under patronage of the IOC, and Muaythai was one of the outstanding sports represented at the games. The Chinese government and Olympic Committee is working very closely together with the World Muaythai Council to promote Muaythai in a special 2-day event. The event is scheduled for May 1st and 2nd to celebrate 40 years of relationship between the People’s Republic of China and the Kingdom of Thailand.

Muaythai superstars like Buakaw will represent Thailand and fighters from around the world are invited to compete in this major event. General Chetta Thanajaro, President of the WMC said that Xiamen, China is an important cultural hub. The Sino-Thai relationships are important, and for the last 10 years, these events have grown and this year will be a special occasion for two reasons: the WMC has gotten the honour of Royal Patronage to represent Muaythai and 40 years of good diplomatic relationships will be celebrated.

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Peace and Sport Enters a New Era Sat, 31 Jan 2015 05:00:11 +0000 Peace and Sport (l’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport), under patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, recently unveiled a new logo. To underpin its growing public recognition, the organization has launched an engaging new slogan “Be part of what matters” (in French “Participer à l’important”) accompanied by a more modern graphic identity.

A pioneer of the peace through sport movement, Peace and Sport enjoys great renown within the global sports community. Since 2007, the organization has worked in diplomatic circles and on the ground to promote and demonstrate the power of sport to foster dialogue and reconcile divided communities.

IFMA’s social initiative Sport is Your Gang has been in partnership with Peace and Sport since 2011. It has now been four years since the signing of the MoU and many fantastic events have been conducted to promote the message of Peace and Sport from Bangkok to Tehran, Saint-Tropez, and even Monaco. Various Sport is Your Gang projects in conjunction with Peace and Sport have been established in over 15 countries. HSH Prince Albert II, the patron of Peace and Sport, presided over the event in Monaco and Mr. Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of Peace and Sport,  presided over the event in Saint-Tropez. The cooperation between Peace and Sport and Muaythai is important, and through this, Muaythai was been awarded the SportAccord Spirit of Sport Award in 2014.

Congratulations to Peace and Sport on launching the wonderful new logo and IFMA will continue to use this cooperation to use the power of sport for good.

Read more on the Peace and Sport website.

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1 Week to Muaythai Day Fri, 30 Jan 2015 10:28:01 +0000 February 6 will an auspicious day for the Muaythai community around the world as it marks the historical coronation date of the Ayutthaya-era king Somdet Phra Sanphet VIII, also known as Phra Chao Suea (the Tiger King), the father of Muaythai. Thailand is a country rich in culture and history and Muaythai has played a significant part in the shaping the culture and history of the Kingdom.

Celebrated around the world by our 130 member Federations and practitioners of Muaythai from all walks of life, Muaythai Day will be organized by the Thai government and the World Muaythai Council and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur in a special two-part ceremony. There will be a morning Krob Khru ceremony for all masters and students of the art of Muaythai held at the Ministry of Culture and an afternoon International Muaythai gala event with fighters from all over the world competing in special tournaments in honour of as Phra Chao Suea (the Tiger King).

The press conference for the event was held at the Sport Authority of Thailand, where all fighters were present and the matchups for the super 4 bouts were drawn. National and international press were present at the press conference as the Presidents of WMC, IFMA and representative of the Thai Government announce the agenda for the day.

The event will feature three Super 4 bouts with three special trophies given out to the fighters. There will also be six female fights with a special trophy given by the UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Campaign and the Thai Government.


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TopKing World Series Hong Kong: Video Highlights Thu, 29 Jan 2015 03:51:00 +0000 Watch the video highlights from the TopKing World Series TK3 Hong Kong!

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