Australia vs Malaysia

February 2nd, 2017

This Sunday 5th February the vibrant city of Perth Australia will once again host the latest edition of Ignition Muaythai with a line up not to be missed. The event which is sanctioned by the WMC will see Australia's best of the best battle it out to see who is number 1. Muaythai Australia National President is also proud to have Malaysia v Australia as the main event of the evening ...


WMC and IFMA Honour Muaythai Day

February 1st, 2017

February 6th marks an auspicious day in the Muaythai calendar as Muaythai day where practitioners of the sport around the globe pay homage to King Somdej Phra Sanpher the 8th, better known as Phra Chao Sua, or the Tiger King. The Tiger King is renowned for his skills in martial arts, rising to the throne on February 6th, 1702. This year the WMC and IFMA in cooperation with the Ministry of ...


WMC Female Power

January 26th, 2017

The 5th December Foundation, The Association of correspondents for Anti-Corruption (Thailand), Bangkok Thonburi University and World King Productions in conjunction with the World Muaythai Council under royal patronage have joined forces to promote an event for gender equality. The true arena in Hua Hin will be the appropriate venue for this amazing night to promote WMC and IFMA’s Campaign to combat violence against woman. The best of the best will square ...


USA vs Thailand

January 23rd, 2017

On Tuesday 24th January the beautiful city of Chiang Mai will host an evening of Muaythai with the USA going head to head with Thailand. The famous Kawila boxing stadium will be the venue for the competition and is looking likely to be packed with spectators as the interest from locals has been overwhelming. The main event of the evening will see Michael Chase Corley, one of the stars from the ...


Buakaw, He for She Ambassador

January 13th, 2017

Muaythai is an Olympic recognised sport and always has and always will play an important part in contributing to social development and use the power of the sport and athletes to create a better tomorrow. Over many years social projects have been carefully planned such as Sport is your Gang by example which won the 2014 world spirit of sport award. Unity and diversity, anti-discrimination, gender equality, Muaythai for Everybody as ...


General Chetta Congratulates IFMA

January 12th, 2017

General Chetta Thanajaro the Honoury President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand congratulated IFMA on their recognition by the IOC. The WMC which was established in 1995 under directive of the Royal Thai government to foster and promote all aspects of Muaythai has been a firm partner of IFMA since day 1. The marriage of WMC and IFMA is unbreakable as all key officials of IFMA hold executive positions in the ...


France vs Belgium at Muaythai Attitude V

January 11th, 2017

Saturday 14th January will see the beautiful city of Conflans, Sainte-Honorine, France host the fifth edition of Muaythai Attitude. France continues to be a powerhouse for Muaythai and is growing from strength to strength with national treasures such as Fabio Pinca continuing to dominate both the national and international Muaythai market. The event will see 12 international professional fights featuring the crème de le crème of Europe’s athletes all competing to ...


VOTE for Sofia OIofsson as 2016 IWGA Athlete of the Year!!

January 10th, 2017

Voting has opened to select IWGA's 2016 Athlete of the Year. IFMA is counting on all stakeholders and members to cast their votes EVERY DAY to ensure that MUAYTHAI champion Sofia Olofsson gets the victory and honour for MUAYTHAI!! Great news! Our WMC and IFMA world muaythai champion and most outstanding female athlete of the Royal World Cup 2015, Sofia Olofsson, is one of the nominated candidates for the 2016 Athlete of ...


Wu Fights in December

December 19th, 2016

Friday 23rd December will see the latest edition of Wu Fights in the beautiful city of Foshan, China. For the next 14 months the People’s Republic of China will be one of the centres of World Muaythai with the 15 event series of Wu fights in which the best Muaythai fighters of the world will take on China’s best on the road to become the ultimate winner. The second round of ...


Thai Leading Masters Show Respect

December 13th, 2016

Hundreds of year old traditions came alive on December 5th at the WMC  and IFMA King Rama 9 Memorial Muaythai Tournament, where over 200 leading masters from all Muaythai styles, male and female from all regions of Thailand came together in a very special ceremony. Grom Tanai Luek have always been the guards of masters protecting King and country and they all came together to show their respect to the beloved ...


Buakaw Banchamek vs Andrei Kulebin Results

December 12th, 2016

Saturday the 10th December saw Phoenix promotions host one of the biggest fights of the year in Beirut, Lebanon which saw 5 time WMC champion Buakaw Banchamek go head to head with 5 time IFMA and WMC champion Andrei Kulebin. Both stepped into the ring to decide who will take home the junior middleweight (welterweight) Phoenix/WMC belt. Both athletes had a fantastic year, Buakaw only one loss in China against Yi ...


Lumphinee 60th Birthday

December 9th, 2016

  Friday the 9th December marks the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the prestigious Lumphinee stadium. The stadium is world famous and has showcased the best of the best in Muaythai since opening its doors in 1956. WMC and Lumphinee have always had great cooperation, especially as Lumphinee stadium is under the auspices of the Royal Thai Army and General Chetta Thanajaro being the former supreme commander and defence minister of ...

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