Royal Appreciation for SportAccord

The inclusion of Muaythai in GAISF/SportAccord, has filled the Kingdom of Thailand with joy. Muaythai has become a world recognised sport and art form. It is one of the 94 world sports. Her Royal Highness Princess Siriwanwalee Nareerat honoured the hard work of all the IFMA executives from around the world and has given out special plaques of appreciation to everyone which has made and helped create such an important impact in the development of Muaythai and its inclusion in the world sporting community.

This is a tremendous honour for IFMA and our executives.

Thank you Your Royal Highness.

HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-1-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-19-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-18-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-17-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-16-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-15-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-14-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-13-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-12-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-11-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-10-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-9-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-8-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-7-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-6-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-5-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-4-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-3-350x236 HRH-Princess-Siriwanwalee-2-350x236




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